A Man for the Summer

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A Man for the Summer

Twenty-eight year old Junior Atkinson is a dedicated dentist who lives in the small town of Cedar Bluff, Missouri. Living in the same house she grew up in and being friendly with all the small town neighbors, Junior is well liked by everyone. But it seems she has no luck in the romance department and unfortunately, that’s only adding to the stress she’s experiencing in life. Besides not making much money since she’s not charging most people for her dental services because they just can’t afford it, she’s also dealing with her stressful gynecological issues of fibroids and endometriosis.

Although Junior is young, she recently found out that she has a very small window available for her to become pregnant. This will be a tough task to accomplish considering she isn’t dating anyone right now. But luck may be on her side when an emergency case walks in and handsome Griff Ross isn’t even from Cedar Bluff. Griff just happens to be in Missouri writing his next travel book, Highways and Byways and stumbles upon the first dental office he sees off the highway, which just so happens to be Junior’s.

Do Junior and Griff hit it off enough that something happens between them? Does Junior even consider having a child since she’s dealing with such complicated medical issues? Could Griff be the one for Junior?

Ms. Bartek wrote an enjoyable read that had me feeling terrible for poor Junior from the start. I wanted her to be happy and I wished she didn’t have to deal with such serious medical issues. I hoped she would find Mr. Right and then she could consider having a child at that point. But considering she only had a few months left of fertility, it seemed pretty grim that she would meet a man and fall in love in the small amount of time she had left to have a baby. The author created a unique storyline and carved her characters out to be real people dealing with real problems in life. I liked Ms. Bartek’s writing style and I would definitely look into other work that she has done.

Book Blurb for A Man for the Summer

Dentist Junior Atkinson left her tiny home town to see if she would fit in better in the big city.

She definitely didn’t.

Now she’s back, living in the house she grew up in, friendly with every citizen of the two-stoplight town. Things couldn’t be more wonderful. Well, maybe if her patients paid her regularly.

If there was an eligible man in a fifty-mile radius.

If she hadn’t just been told that a medical condition meant she had only a few more fertile months despite her tender age of twenty-eight.

Junior barely has time to digest this news when she finds hunky travel book author Griff Ross in her chair with a hell of a toothache.

196 pages

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.00