A Leap of Knowing

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A Leap of Knowing

Successful veterinarian, Morgan Edwards, has a remarkably special connection with animals. She loves her job and the house she lives in on the small parcel of farmland she bought, but she doesn’t have that special someone at this stage in her life.

While on a trip to Wales, she discovers the strangest thing. No matter where she goes, this giant black dog seems to pop up everywhere she is. At first she is taken back by it, then her heart takes over and she begins to actually look for the dog wherever she goes. She even contemplates approaching it to see what it might want from her. Surely, someone must be missing this dog.

Returning home to Spokane Valley, Washington from her vacation, she immediately jumps back into her hectic work schedule. Leaving late one night from her practice, she is assaulted by a vagrant wanting money from her. He threatens her life with a knife and out of nowhere he is viciously attacked by none other than the giant black mastiff she’s seen so many times already. Since the dog rescues her and saves her life, she takes him in to offer him a temporary home until she can locate his master.

If matters aren’t bad enough, one morning she wakes up and while checking on the dog, she discovers a very big, very powerful naked man curled on her floor.

Why does the dog keep following her no matter where she is? Who does he belong to? Along the way, what does she find out about him? Who is the naked man in her house and how did he get there?

Ms. Harper wrote a very entertaining story. I adored the unique storyline and the exciting back-story she supplied about Wales and the fairy belief system of Nainie Jacobs, Morgan’s Welsh grandmother. The author’s descriptions were magnificent and she transported me into another world while I was watching all of her characters act out their stories as I turned the pages. Ms. Harper is a wonderful storyteller and I highly recommend this story. She’s definitely an author to keep your eye on!

Book Blurb for A Leap of Knowing

Seeing isn't always believing.

Morgan thought she'd outgrown faery tales. Yet the successful veterinarian is hard-pressed to find a scientific explanation for the giant black dog that's following her, or for the powerful — and naked — man who's steaming up her dreams.

Rhys is a proud warrior forced to serve the Fair Ones by heralding the death of mortals. When he meets Morgan Edwards, he's tempted to change her fate. But only by accepting his incredible story can she change his.

Can Morgan learn to see with her heart in time to save the man who has claimed it?

This book is scheduled to be expanded into a full length novel, releasing Aug 6th, 2013 via Montlake Romance. The book will have a new title.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.50