A Girl's Best Friend

Natalie Phillips was having these erotic dreams with her imaginary sensual lover for one month now. Nightly he would make his appearance and they would make love for hours throughout the night. She thought she was losing her mind. She didn't know who this man was or why she was having such intimate dreams with him. She felt that it all had to do with the stress of her grandmother's abrupt and unexpected death. This man was just too real to her to not want to find out more about him. That is- if he even existed.

She dreaded having to go through her grandmother's things, but she knew she had put it off for too long now. Entering her grandmother's room, she opened the armoire drawer and stumbled across the diamond necklace that she noticed her grandmother had worn in the past. Now the necklace was hers, but the ironic part was, even though this was the first time that she had touched the necklace, she realized that every dream that her lover was in she was wearing that very same necklace each and every time. She decided to put the necklace on and from that moment on her life would never be the same again.

What happened to Natalie once she put the necklace on? Who was the man making love to her in her dreams? Was he just a figment of her imagination or was he really out there somewhere searching for her, too? Did she finally find out who it was and why he was in her dreams? What kind of necklace was this that her grandmother had passed on to her?

Ms. Brennan penned a fun, sexy and highly addictive story that I know will entertain many readers to come. I love the storyline and the characters were so much fun to get to know as the story told itself on the pages. I would definitely recommend this for others to pick up and I would love to read more from this author.

Book Blurb for A Girl's Best Friend

Natalie Phillips has found her one true love. Every night the devastatingly handsome Latino brings her to unspeakable heights of erotic pleasure. He's everything she ever dreamed of — hot, handsome and totally in love with her. But is he real? Or just a dream?

Trapped by the spell of the diamond necklace, her lover has been waiting for the one woman destined to be his — Natalie. Now she is within his grasp but he is unable to claim her forever until she discovers the secret of the diamond. If she doesn't free him from the prison of the diamond's magic in time, her one true love will be lost to her forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00