A Cruise to Remember

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A Cruise to Remember

Irene's last boyfriend, Derek, broke up with her because he sensed there was something going on between her and her gay roommate, Gabriel. He said that he felt as if Gabriel was lusting after her. She thought that her boyfriend was crazy for thinking that until she started noticing how Gabriel was acting strangely around her lately.

Irene wanted to find out what was going on with Gabriel so she invited him on the Lover's Valentine Weekend Cruise that she and Derek were originally supposed to be on together. He reluctantly accepted her invitation and he almost seemed bothered that she asked him to go with her.

Once they boarded the ship, the weekend was going to turn into something neither one of them had planned for. Things would never be the same between them again.

What happened during the first night that changed things between Irene and Gabriel? How did they both react to the situation and what was their overall decision because of this occurrence?

I found this story by Ms. Hasker to be a fun and exciting short read. It was enjoyable from the very start and I loved the situation she put both Irene and Gabriel in. I would definitely recommend this story to other readers and I would love to read more stories by Ms. Hasker.

Book Blurb for A Cruise to Remember

Irene's last boyfriend broke up with her after she'd invested a lot of money into a vacaion cruise. Now she's determined to convince her gay roommate, Gabe, that he should go on the trip so her money isn't wasted. What starts out as harmless teasing changes into something she doesn't expect.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00