3 Seductions and a Wedding

Encounters, Blaze #543

In 3 Seductions and a Wedding, Ms. Leto penned three short stories each containing the same characters. In each story, all their friends are together throwing Bianca and Cooper a surprise wedding. They’ve been together over ten years and are still deeply in love with each other, but never took the time to tie the knot. Their friends all feel that this would be the perfect surprise for them since it’s a match made in heaven.

 As their friends are planning the wedding and honeymoon, three sets of people decide to take the bull by the horns and go after what they each want for their lives too.

In Tying the Knot, as Jessie and Leo are helping out with their jobs to get the wedding underway, Leo takes the opportunity to try to convince his former girlfriend, Jessie, that he truly is the man for her and that they should get back together again. But although she’s still attracted to him, she can’t forget the real reason why they broke up in the first place. You see, while Leo was drunk and sleeping one night, he woke up and had sex with another girl who he thought was Jessie. She can’t get past the fact that he cheated on her, but he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back in his life again and will prove just how much he loves her still. Will Jessie listen to what Leo has to say and try to work things out between them? Or does she stick to her decision never to get romantically involved with him again?

The second story Take This Man, Bianca’s brother Drew and Cooper’s sister Annie head to New York to buy Bianca’s wedding dress. While on the trip, Drew decides he’ll try to convince Annie that dating him, even though he’s much younger than she is, won’t be a problem for them. He’s been interested in her for a long time and now is the perfect opportunity to work some of his charm on her while they’re in New York. Will Drew finally win Annie over? Or will she continue to let their 12 year age gap drive a wedge between them?

In the final story Bedded Bliss, playboy millionaire Ajay, who is Cooper’s boss and Mallory, Bianca’s boss are paired up to plan the wedding reception. They both are attracted to each other, but it seems for different reasons. Can they come to an agreement together or is it just not worth them trying their hand at a relationship?

Overall, this was a fun collection of stories to read and I loved the idea of their friends throwing a surprise intimate wedding for them. The characters were believable and I had hoped that everyone found a solution to their dilemmas that worked well for everyone involved. I liked how the author penned this creative storyline and tied all the characters to each other one way or another. Good job, Ms. Leto!

Book Blurb for 3 Seductions and a Wedding

Why wait for the wedding night?

"Tying the Knot"

Jessie might not forgive Leo for his long-ago betrayal, but after one scorching kiss, she can't fight the chemistry anymore. But a girl can't base her future on great sex. Or can she?

"Take This Man"

Can hunky Drew convince his longtime crush Annie that he's the man for her? All he has to do is sweep her off her feet...then make her forget that he's a "much" younger man....

"Bedded Bliss"

When playboy billionaire Ajay is ready for real commitment, he thinks sexy, sensible Mallory is his woman. Too bad her only desire is to experience his reputed prowess in bed!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00