Zen Doodling

I really enjoyed learning about the extensive art of doodling in this Barron’s book. I have always been a doodler since my younger years and reading this book has helped me see the endless positive advantages doodling can do for a person. You do not have to be an artist to enjoy doodling and if you just allow yourself to relax and be creative, you never know what hidden talent you might already possess. After reading this book, I have learned new techniques and I have tried out new patterns with my doodling that I love using now. Basically, the sky’s the limit with your patterns, techniques and even the paper and pens you decide to use. I never knew something as easy as doodling could have such a positive outcome on my mood and overall well-being while I was doing it. I highly recommend this fun, creative doodling book for anyone willing to either try something new or for those who already are doodlers, but want to learn to take their creativeness to the next level. Well done!

In this fun, step-by-step doodling book Ms. Scrace teaches us how the art of doodling could have such a positive impact on each person who doodles a little or a lot. She explains the basics to us and in great detail shows us new techniques to use, new patterns we can try, as well as explaining about color theory and color scheme. This is the perfect book for any level and everyone can walk away with a few new tips to try the next time you find yourself wanting to doodle. So what unique masterpiece will you create the next time you decide to doodle?

Book Blurb for Zen Doodling

Zen doodling is great fun, a good way to relax, and it doesn't require previous art training. Better yet, many among those who begin Zen doodling exercises find them spiritually rewarding while also a way to release latent creative talent. Zen Doodling explains how to start Zen drawing exercises, and how to use them as a path toward both artistic and spiritual development. First exercises begin with uncomplicated black-and-white line doodling, making loops and curves, preferably with eyes closed. Exercises that follow focus on simple geometric shapes--squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles--and then go on to incorporate color with magic markers, inks, or paints. Advanced exercises include combining different shapes, drawing contrasting patterns in black and white or in different colors, and then on constructing complex mandalas, sketching portraits, and designing personal alphabets. Zen doodling is a distinctive approach to artistic creativity, and a method for achieving personal serenity--exercises that everybody can try.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00