Yours or Mine

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Yours or Mine

Sydney Smith knows that it’s well overdue for her to move out of the tiny apartment she lives in and move into a bigger living space. She decides to make an appointment with the realtor to look at a duplex that really has caught her eye because of the cheap asking price and plenty of living space. Sydney knows if she takes her time she’s going to lose out on the deal of a lifetime. Anxiously she drives over to the duplex and looks for the female realtor she has an appointment with.

When she arrives, she sees a man instead and figures that he’s a substitute realtor. As they begin talking, they find out that they are both perspective buyers and think it’s strange they have the same exact appointment and ironically have the same last name of Smith. The realtor shows up and realizes there was an error because of the name and her receptionist thought they were husband and wife. Now, more than ever, Sydney realizes she has to move quickly with an offer if she really wants this place because it seems Blake is just as interested in it.

Having a big dilemma on their hands, Blake decides to proposition Sydney to see if she’d be willing to go in half with the price and have the duplex in both their names. It’s a strange request, but since they seem to have a spark between them they discuss the pros and cons of the situation to see if it would be a viable solution to both of their problems. They decide to move forward with the plan and even devise a list of rules they both are to adhere to while living in their portion of the house.

But since there is such a deep connection between these two can they both live together while keeping their living arrangement within check? Or should they just act on their impulses and see how things turn out in the long run?

Ms. Craver created an enjoyable story that made you feel bad for both Sydney and Blake because they both equally loved the duplex and worried that one was going to buy it before the other could make an offer. I thought it was crazy at first that they would both consider living in the same house, even though they had separate living areas set off by a connecting door, but once I saw how well they got along with each other I soon let my skepticism dwindle away. They were well matched for each other and I hoped that whatever they decided to do together would ultimately make the both of them happy in the end. This was a good story that anyone can fit into their busy schedules without losing a lot of time in their day.

Book Blurb for Yours or Mine

Twenty-eight Sydney Smith decides it’s time to move out of her tiny apartment and become a homeowner. Blake Smith, no relation, also wants to see the duplex. A mix-up has them viewing it together. They both love the house. Sparks fly between the handsome engineer and the beautiful columnist. Sydney wonders if she should mention home buying as a way to meet someone in her column, “Sydney’s Sassy Suggestions to Singles.” A highly sensual story of fun, home buying, romance and love.

Authors's Note: This novella has a few sensual bedroom scenes.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.75