Yesterday's Desire

Kathleen Sullivan, the daughter to a hard working woman who years ago would wash laundry for the famous governor, had a secret crush on his son, Bryce Donovan, for many years. Unfortunately, his nasty mother, Grace, made it very clear to Katie that she was to never go after Bryce since she wasn’t his type or even the same caliber person the Donovan family came from. Though Katie kept her distance all those years, she still loved him from afar.

Now, years later, she runs into him at a party and the same old sparks are ignited for her when he comes over to talk to her personally. But this time something seems to have changed between the two of them and she hopes that she won’t be made a fool in the process.

 What does Bryce come over to talk to her about? Is there any hope for Katie that Bryce could also have feelings for her all these years?

I enjoyed this story by Ms. Lace and immediately felt bad for Katie in how Grace treated her poorly just because Katie’s mom worked for the family. I wanted Grace to be put in her place once and for all and learn a lesson that she shouldn’t put anyone down just because they worked different jobs and didn’t get the best education. I had hoped that when Bryce went to go talk to Katie that he had something nice to say to her since they hadn’t seen in each other in a very long time. Overall, this was a good, short read that could fit into anyone’s busy schedule.

Book Blurb for Yesterday's Desire

When two hearts, denied in youth, reunite, yesterday's forbidden desire becomes today's unquenchable passion.

Kathleen Sullivan has loved Bryce Donovan since the first time she saw him, but he was the governor's son, the golden boy, and being groomed to follow in his father's political footsteps. She's the daughter of the woman who washes his laundry. But after years of separation, the chemistry is still there and some longings simply won't be denied.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.50