Willow, Wish For Me

Merlin's Destiny, #1

Herb farmer Willow Jones is happy with her new life in Idaho, but is constantly fearful that someone will eventually find out her true identity. Being a wealthy Boston debutante has many privileges, but once she became engaged to her so-called fiancé, Nate Worthington, she knew the only way to end their relationship was to disappear. Now having a happier and simpler life in Idaho seems to suit her just fine.

Nate will do anything to get his hands on his fiancée’s money. Even if that means hiring someone to hunt her down, bring her back to him and then forcibly marrying her so he can claim some part of her wealth. Hiring Luke Tyson seems like the right thing to do so he can bring Eleanor Winthrop-Douglas back to him.

When Luke stumbles upon Eleanor he’s sure he’s found the right person, but Willow continually tries to convince him she isn’t this Eleanor woman he’s looking for. Luke knows better though. Ironically, Luke’s means of transportation is a mule known as Merlin. Yes, you’ve read right, Merlin, the powerful sorcerer and King Arthur’s advisor.

Does Willow (AKA Eleanor) finally admit to Luke what her true identity is? Does Nate finally learn her whereabouts? Where does Merlin, the powerful sorcerer, fit into this situation?

Ms. Rogers has outdone herself yet again by penning a fun and wacky story that makes you laugh out loud while you’re turning the pages. I love this author’s knack of entwining such an interesting character as Merlin into another well-written storyline. Whenever I read her stories I always strap myself in and prepare to take a fun and wild ride through one of her written adventures. If you’re looking for an author with amazing creative talent who knows how to tickle your funny bone, than you must look into this author’s available list of books you can purchase. I know that you’ll fall in love with her writing as much as I have over the years.

Book Blurb for Willow, Wish For Me

A high society debutante seeking solace as an herb farmer in the Old West.A high stakes gambler hired to retrieve said debutante for her unscrupulous suitor.A money-hungry, status-seeking ex-fiancé doesn't get the "ex" part.And Merlin, King Arthur's powerful sorcerer, re-emerges as a mule to fulfill his own destiny.

Idaho Territory: 1885

Willow escaped Boston and is now a content herb farmer, but she's lonely. When making a frivolous wish upon a star, she dreams a man who became her heart's desire. One day, as she was weeding, that very man rides up on a mule! But he's not the man of her dreams--instead, he's been hired to hand her over to the one man she despises--her ex-fiancé. How could Willow's wish go so awry?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 5.00