Wife 22

Right from the start, I found this book a page-turner. When I started learning more about Alice Buckle and how her twenty-year marriage to William was stale and nonexistent, I could see how this storyline was the perfect fit for the general population of readers. My heart went out to her when I read her answers because every reader can relate to one or more of her same case scenarios. I loved how this book was wrapped around the different social media outlets that everyone uses today. I even found myself enjoying the fact that she was developing a little crush on “Researcher 101.” The storyline and characters were completely believable and relatable. I felt the story was fast-paced and funny at times and even downright heart wrenching other times. One thing that I’d like to bring to the attention of future readers is make certain you know that the list of questions Alice answers can be found in the back of the story. This is definitely one story that I give a high recommendation to and I eagerly look forward to seeing what else this talented author might already have available for her readers. Great job, Ms. Gideon!

Alice Buckle feels she’s at a crossroads in her life. She’s forty-four years old, which just so happens to be the exact age in which her mother died. If that isn’t enough to get her down, her marriage of twenty years has a lot to be desired, her son might be gay and finally, her daughter might have an eating disorder. Ironically, when she receives an email from a research company to partake in a research survey, this seems like the perfect opportunity for her. As she’s answering the questions to the survey, she’s realizing just how much is happening around her. It’s in delving so deep with her answers, that she’s finding herself enjoying the conversations she’s having with “Researcher 101.” She feels there is nothing wrong with a little harmless flirtation, right? Does participating in this survey help Alice come to terms with all that is wrong in her life? Is she able to turn the negatives into some positives so she can happily move forward? Does anything more come of her interactions with “Researcher 101?”

Book Blurb for Wife 22

Alice has been married to her husband, William, for twenty years.  Though she can still remember the first time they met like it was yesterday, these days she finds herself posting things on Facebook that she used to confide to him. So when she’s invited to participate in an anonymous online survey on marriage and love, she finds that all her longings come pouring out as she dutifully answers questions under the name “Wife 22.”

Evaluating her responses is “Researcher 101,” who seems to listen to her in a way that William hasn’t in a very long time, and before she knows it, she finds herself trying hard not to e-flirt with him. Meanwhile, her elderly father is chatting on Facebook, her fifteen-year-old daughter is tweeting, and everything in her life is turning upside down.

Wife 22 is a hilariously funny, profoundly moving, and deeply perceptive novel about the ways we live and love in this technological age, from a dazzling new voice in fiction.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 5.00