Whisper's Edge

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Whisper's Edge

A Cricket Creek Novel

I truly enjoyed this novel because of the deep-rooted sense of home and family Ms. McLane created throughout her story. The characters were relatable and truly believable. I loved getting to know Savannah Perry and I could feel her sense of love and pride that she had for her job and the loving community of Whisper’s Edge, the retirement community located in Cricket Creek, Kentucky. I felt so bad for her and the retirement community because like so many other struggling communities, Whisper’s Edge feared the worst-case scenario of what would happen to them. That all changed, though, when Tristan McMillan, saved the day. I loved the chemistry between Savannah and Tristan and I found myself hoping they would end up together and that the Whisper’s Edge community would be saved. This is one of those feel-good novels you wished never ended. I highly recommend it and look forward to reading more from this very talented author.

Savannah Perry, the social director of the retirement community, Whisper’s Edge, loves her job, her community and her friends. She’s so close to all the people in the retirement community that they treat her more like a granddaughter than a friend. Sadly, the community is hitting a rough financial patch and everyone fears what the possible outcome will be for them. That is, until handsome and smart Tristan McMillan comes to save the day. Or so they hope that is his intention anyway. Tristan has decided to buy the sweet community, but he has other things in mind for what he wants to do with it. When he meets Savannah, everything he’s planned on turns upside down for him because of the connection he feels for her and the community she so dearly loves. What does Tristan ultimately decide to do with Whisper’s Edge? Do Savannah and Tristan decide to act upon their attraction for one another?

Book Blurb for Whisper's Edge

Cricket Creek, Kentucky, is a sweet river town known for its theater, shopping, and cuisine. But tough times are affecting the residents of the local retirement community?until a handsome hero shows up?

Savannah Perry loves her job as social director of Whisper’s Edge, a retirement community on the picturesque waterfront of Cricket Creek. Raised in foster care, twenty-nine-year-old Savannah feels treasured and loved by the retired residents, who treat her as their adopted granddaughter and rotate having her over for dinner. But the community is struggling to stay afloat financially until Tristan McMillan swoops into town, rescues a dog, and, well, saves the day?

Business-minded Tristan bought Whisper’s Edge from his estranged grandfather to prove his worth to the curmudgeon and to turn a quick profit. He never expected to fall for the charms of a village of crafty retirees?or to fall hard for a small town girl like Savannah. Suddenly the man who knows all about making money finds himself needing lessons in love and what really matters in life

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00