When Hubby's Away, The Ladies Play

I really felt bad for Natalie because she was facing six long, lonely months without her husband due to the fact he was just deployed to the Middle East. Just before leaving, as a joke he told his wife to keep herself entertained by finding comfort in Mariah’s arms. When Natalie tells her best friend what Chase had said, Mariah eagerly accepts the invitation. I wasn’t sure at this point just how hot the scenes were going to be between Natalie and Mariah, but this author didn’t disappoint. I found myself really sympathizing with Natalie when she found out that her husband had been joking with her when he made that comment. Now she was in love with not only her husband, but also Mariah. If you’re looking for a fun, short story to enjoy, look no further.

Natalie is saddened by the fact that for the next six months she won’t have her husband around. Before leaving for his deployment, he tells his wife to have some fun with her best friend to help pass the time before he comes home again. Little does she know that he only said it to lighten the situation, not to really follow through with it. Once Natalie starts experimenting, she realizes that she’s developed feelings for Mariah as well. What happens when Natalie tells her husband that she’s been sleeping with Mariah? Does their marriage break up because of this new development? Or can they all make it work between them?

Book Blurb for When Hubby's Away, The Ladies Play

Natalie is looking at six really lonely months when she kisses her husband goodbye before he heads to the Middle East on a deployment. So when he suggests she seek comfort in the arms of her sexy girlfriend, Mariah, and Mariah appears to be open to the idea herself, she does.

A night of passion and peaches and cream body oil turns into a very close relationship, but when Natalie tells Chase in a letter what is going on, she discovers he was joking, and he is now afraid of losing her.

How can she convince her husband that she can, will, and does love them both and will part with neither? (28 Pages)

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50