What Scotland Taught Me

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What Scotland Taught Me

Four American teenagers who are fresh out of high school decide to take part in a work-abroad program in Edinburgh, Scotland for six months. Amber, Shannon, Eva and Laurence have all been friends for years, but it seems that this trip is going to make them all question their friendships with one another, along with a few relationships with people back home, while they're away.

What are some of their adventures together while working abroad? Do the four teenagers remain friends after the six months are up and it's time to return home?

I really enjoyed this Young Adult novel by Ms. Ringle and I laughed out loud over some of the antics of these four friends. I felt bad that they were all, one way or another, going through some changes while being away from home, but I had hoped that they would all work through their differences and realize that their friendships were important. If you're looking for a story with a different storyline, fun characters and you enjoy reading Young Adult themes then you definitely have to pick this one up!

Book Blurb for What Scotland Taught Me

Fresh out of high school, Eva Sonneborn is headed to Scotland with her best friends: scholarly, sarcastic Laurence; gorgeous, ghost-seeing Amber; and responsible, sweet Shannon. They plan to spend the next six months in Edinburgh, enjoying an adventure-filled work-abroad journey before parting ways for college.

But when Eva meets Gil, a local bartender, she figures a little innocent flirting won't hurt her relationship with Tony, her ever-faithful boyfriend back home. But just when things turn less innocent with Gil, the trip starts throwing curveballs at not only her but her friends too. By the end of the trip, they've all fallen in love, sometimes with the wrong people - and with consequences that may tear their friendship apart forever... 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00