Welcome Home Mama and Boris

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Welcome Home Mama and Boris

How a Sister's Love Saved a Fallen Soldier's Beloved Dogs

What a fabulous, heartwarming read that tugged at my heartstrings. We’re told the story of how close Carey Neesley and her younger brother, Peter, were to each other and how they depended on each other through the tough times they were faced with while growing up. They were so close that they were more like twins because they experienced that kind of strong bonding with each other. When Carey gave birth to her son, Peter stepped up to be a male figure in Patrick’s life. But when Peter decided to join the military, Carey wasn’t able to deal with it at first. Eventually she worked through it and made certain she was a close support system for Peter even though he was so far from home. In his first tour of duty he was stateside, but then transferred overseas, although not in a direct warzone. When he reenlisted, he was sent directly to Iraq. It was at this time, that he befriended a mother dog and her four pups. Unfortunately though, it was only Mama and Boris who survived with all the chaos going on around them. Peter wanted to send the dogs back home to ensure their safety, but never got to see this happen because he passed away in his sleep while still serving in Iraq. It was at this point, in which Carey made certain her brother’s legacy would live on. She made it her personal mission to see that Mama and Boris were coming home to the US once and for all.

This was a totally endearing and heartwarming story that I think any reader would enjoy. I loved learning of the closeness that both Carey and Peter had and I rooted Carey on when she decided that she was going to do everything within her power to bring Mama and Boris to the US like her brother wanted to do. I’m a huge dog lover, so this book was the perfect fit for me. I was so glad to see that Mama and Boris did finally make it home and that they are well cared for, something Peter would have done himself if he made it home. I highly recommend this story and I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to review it. Don’t pass this one up!

After her brother passes away in his sleep while serving in Iraq, Carey Neesley decides that she wants to honor him by creating a legacy for him. So she decides that she will do whatever it takes to make certain the two dogs that Peter fell in love with in Iraq, Mama and Boris, will make it to the US to start a new life for themselves with her and her family. This book documents the ups and downs Carey went through in order to finally get these two dogs to come to their forever home - which is in Carey’s care where they won’t ever have to worry again about where their next meal will come from.

Book Blurb for Welcome Home Mama and Boris

Growing up in the well-heeled Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Carey Neesley always thought she and her younger brother, Peter, would never be separated. The children of divorced parents and outcasts in their neighborhood, Carey and Peter supported, loved, and encouraged each other when it seemed no one else cared.

It was a bond that grew through the years, and one that made Peter’s eventual decision to enlist in the Army all the more difficult for Carey. With Peter having stepped up to help her raise her young son, Carey was closer than ever to her brother, and the thought of him serving far from home was painful. 

While stationed in Iraq, Peter befriended a stray dog and her four puppies, only to watch three of the young pups die in the warzone. With only two surviving dogs?Mama and Boris?Peter became determined to save the strays. Carey helped her brother with his mission, but everything changed on Christmas Day in 2007 when word arrived at the Neesley household that Peter had been killed.

Amidst the grief of coming to terms with her brother’s death and the turmoil of trying to plan his funeral, Carey devoted herself to bringing Peter’s dogs home to the U.S. It was the final honor she could pay to her brother and a way of keeping a piece of him with her. With the help of an unlikely network of heroes, including an animal rescue organization in Utah, a civilian airline, an Iraqi family, and a private security contractor with military connections, Mama and Boris mad the journey form the streets of Baghdad to Carey’s suburban house.

Carey’s mission garnered widespread attention and requests from other soldiers for help in bringing home dogs they had become attached to on deployment, and she continues to work with organizations dedicated to bringing home wartime strays.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00