Wedding Gown Girl

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Wedding Gown Girl

Overall I found this story to be a good read. I was a bit hesitant at first when Kienna and Blake hooked up, especially considering it was a very short time after he had been stood up at the altar, but Ms. Bosman made the storyline work with her characters. It’s not every day that you hear someone going out of their way to tell a future bride or groom that their future spouse isn’t marrying them for the right reasons, but I loved how Kienna didn’t want to see Blake go through the exact same heartache she had been through with her ex-husband. I thought it was a very commendable thing for her to do and when they started spending time together, I hoped that Blake was doing it for all the right reasons.

Kienna Worndell works as a bridal consultant at Beaux’s Bridal Boutique. When one of her clients confides in her and explains that she’s really not in love with her fiancé, Blake, Kienna feels that it’s her duty to tell Blake the truth before it’s too late. Never does she think that soon after he’ll be asking her out. Nor does she think he’s taken enough time to deal with everything since he just recently had been jilted at the altar. Only time can tell if there’s some real spark between these two. Does a relationship work out for Kienna and Blake?

Book Blurb for Wedding Gown Girl

Kienna loves dressing up her clients in beautiful gowns at the bridal shop where she works but she doesn't believe in fairy-tale weddings or happily ever afters. After all, her prince turned out to be a frog, and her divorce broke her heart. So when she realizes one of her brides doesn't love her groom, she tries to warn him. If only he would listen, she could help him avoid her same fate.

Blake is sure Rachelle loves him but she leaves him at the altar. He should have listened to the wedding gown girl's warning. He should have been hurt, but instead he's only relieved--and in pursuit of the woman who tried to save him from a broken heart. If only she'd trust him not to be like her ex. Doesn't she know that when he says he loves her, it means forever?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.00