Walking the Dog

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Walking the Dog

I have to be honest and say that although this was a good story overall, there were some parts that I thought moved a bit slow for my taste. Having said that, I really admired Jared Westin because no matter what anyone thought about Sophie, the late in the school year transfer student, he still wanted to get to know her better and be her friend. I enjoyed seeing the story unfold and I was curious to see how the author was going to explain certain aspects of some of the secondary characters she wrote about. This is a story that shows just how important friendship can be between two unlikely people no matter what their ages.

Fifth grader Jared Westin wonders why a new classmate, Sophie, has transferred to his school so late in the school year. As the days go by, more gossip is spread about what the reasons might be for Sophie and her mom to have relocated as abruptly as they have. Nothing seems to deter Jared from liking Sophie and wanting to become her friend. Even if that means he can get in trouble with his parents for disobeying them. In his heart, he knows friending Sophie is the right thing to do. The question remains why did Sophie and her mom abruptly move the way they did so late in the school year?

Book Blurb for Walking the Dog

Jared is smitten when his teacher seats the new girl, Sophie, right next to him. Even with the scar running up the side of her face, Jared thinks she’s the most beautiful girl in the entire fifth grade. But why did she transfer here so late in the year? Rumors say something bad happened to her.

Jared and Sophie become friends while walking the guidance counselor’s new puppy, but when his parents object to this arrangement, Jared fabricates a series of elaborate lies to meet Sophie on the sly. But little brothers can be pests. First Petey lets the orange cat loose at the animal shelter where Jared and Sophie have been secretly walking the dogs. Then Petey turns up missing.

And Sophie's past finally catches up with her.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 3.00