Upon A Winter's Night

In this holiday Amish novel, we are told the story of how Lydia Brand is considered “different” because her dad’s distant cousins adopted her after her parents were killed in a buggy car accident many years ago. The community looks upon her in a different light from other Amish folks, especially where it involves not wanting to marry widower Gid Reich, who is working with her and her adopted parents in their family business. She’s not attracted to older Gid as she is her other employer, Josh Yoder.

You see, Josh is considered “different” as well for two reasons. Not only did he live outside of the Home Valley, Ohio community for a few years while working for the Columbus Zoo, but also he owns an animal farm of donkeys, camels and sheep, which isn’t the customary Amish animal farm. Lydia loves camels so much that she works at Josh’s farm helping to tend them and the other animals. Plus it keeps her close to him on a daily basis. It seems that no matter what she does, she can’t make her adopted family happy and she knows they wouldn’t accept Josh as the proper suitor if anything were to happen between them. She doesn’t have to worry much about that, though, because there are some other pressing issues happening in the community that directly seem to be wrapped around her.

What has happened that seems to be wrapped around Lydia and causing quite a stir? Does she finally give into her adoptive parents’ wishes by marrying Gid? Or does she follow her heart and convince her parents she wants to be with Josh?

I really enjoyed this holiday Amish mystery and I’m so happy I was able to review it. What really drew me to this storyline, aside from the heavy mystery aspect throughout the entire book, was the fact that the Amish community had quietly labeled both Lydia and Josh to be “different” from the other folks within their community. I loved how Lydia was torn between following her heart and wanting to be with Josh as compared to her dreading the fact her adopted parents wanted her to marry Gid, an upstanding member of the Amish community. I wanted her to be happy in the end no matter what. I also wanted to add that I just adored Melly, the female camel the story was wrapped around. I loved reading about her and her funny personality. It’s not every day you read a story involving a camel, so this one will really stick out in my mind for quite some time. If you love reading Amish mysteries, than you should definitely look into this one in the near future.

Book Blurb for Upon A Winter's Night

A cold night's silent majesty hides a BITTER secret…

Though she is deeply loved by her parents, the fact that Lydia Brand is adopted has always made her different from her close-knit Amish community. But as Christmas approaches and she begins to search for answers about her biological parents, more questions surface.

Soon it seems that the deaths of two women in her small town may not be coincidences, after all. And her pursuit of the truth has left her only with hints of a dark secret—and threats from an unseen adversary.

While she does her best to stave off advances from her parents' preferred suitor, Lydia discovers that her heart truly belongs to the man who's been there all along: her friend Josh Yoder. It's only with his help that Lydia can ensure that the stillness of a winter's night means peace…and not danger.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 5.00