Twist of Fate

Damaged Heroes, #5

Ms. James has penned yet another story in the Damaged Heroes series that immediately pulls you into the storyline. You helplessly fall in love with both Susan and James Williams as you become more engrossed in the story. What I especially loved about this one was not only did it have paranormal elements throughout, but also this had a historical time travel theme introduced to us in which the other books in this series didn't have. Ms James is one author who never disappoints with her creative storylines and her well-rounded, very believable characters. If this is the first story you read by Ms. James, I assure you that it won't be your last. She's definitely worth adding to your favorite author list. But don't take my word for it. See for yourself how talented she is by picking up one of her books. I bet you'll be just as hooked as I am!

Book Blurb for Twist of Fate

What happens when happily ever after meets reality? Susan and James Williams are drifting apart. After a devastating loss, their lives are thrown into further turmoil when a mysterious stone at a museum hurtles them back to the Old West. Their supernatural experience only intensifies the chasm between them, and when James realizes where they are, in a moment of anger, he pronounces that they were never married.

They go their separate ways, unsure of what this new world holds in store. James settles into a job as bartender. Befriended by local rancher Daniel Miller, Susan soon develops feelings for him. She’s torn between starting a new life in a new time and healing her marriage and returning to the twenty-first century.

Will the miraculous journey back in time help Susan and James reconcile, or has destiny set new roads for them to travel that lead them away from each other? 

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 5.00