Twice the Trouble

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Twice the Trouble

I thought this was a great story penned by Ms. Dailey. We’re introduced to Lacey Carlyle who has worked hard over the years to not only raise her twins, Jenna and Jarrod, but also to try and keep the family farm afloat. Unfortunately, everything she has devoted to the family business is quickly slipping away from her. So she has a plan that she’ll talk to the man who bought the farm and see if they can work something out after the fact. Ironically, the very man who bought the farm is none other than Alex Benson, the guy who after they slept together, abandoned her. When I found this out, I immediately hated Alex. Now buying out the farm from Lacey showed that he was a heartless man and honestly, I didn’t want Lacey to even still have feelings for him. He didn’t deserve it considering he left her high and dry after having sex with her. As the story progresses, we find out that Alex never got over Lacey. He felt hurt and betrayed when she didn’t reply back to all his letters he wrote her while he was in the Navy and even afterward while he was recuperating from the injuries he sustained in the explosion he was involved in during his military time.

Once I started understanding the entire situation, I felt that they were both at fault for the lack of communication not only during the time they were together, but also the lack thereof of the letters not being responded to when he reached out to her. I despised both their families and just how much interference they’re still both causing Lacey and Alex after all these years have passed. I had hoped they would finally just sit down and start dealing with the pain they’ve both suffered from all those years. I found this to be a sweet love story that showed the characters’ human side. I highly recommend this story and look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

When Lacey Carlyle has her family farm bought out from underneath her by a land developer, who just so happens to be Alex Benson, a guy from her past, she doesn’t know what to do immediately. She wants to see if she can come to some agreement with him, but seeing how he’s still harboring bad feelings toward Lacey after all these years have passed, doesn’t make the situation any better for her. They need to come together and clear the past once and for all, but could they both find it in their hearts to forgive each other? Does Alex learn a secret that Lacey’s been hiding from him all these years? Could a second chance at love be in the cards for them now?

Book Blurb for Twice the Trouble

Lacey Carlyle has worked for years to create the perfect blend of home, business and family. Now she risks losing everything when the land she farms is bought by the man who abandoned her thirteen years ago.

Alex has never understood why Lacey walked away from him. Now, he holds the deed to her farm and intends to make her pay. The only problem - two kids weren't part of the plan.

Jenna and Jarrod may not see eye-to-eye but they are both determined to find happiness for their mom and keep their home safe. Can Lacey and Alex put their pasts behind them and embrace a future together?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00