Twelve Wicked Nights

High-powered attorney Isabella Andreu is returning home to attend her grandfather’s funeral and to help her mother run the family bakery over the holidays. While heading to her hometown, a bad snow storm hits and strands her on the side of the road. Her mother is worried for her daughter’s safety and places a call to longtime friend of the family, Justin Rourke, who is home on leave from the Navy SEALs. This seems nothing new to Justin of having to rescue Isabella out of yet another mess that she’s gotten herself into. He finally finds her and takes her back to his house because the storm is just too bad to travel in any longer.

Isabella is grateful that Justin found her and she’s no longer standing outside cold and wet from the heavy snow falling. But as the snow keeps piling up, she’s growing more bored as the time goes by. So she comes up with a proposal that her childhood friend just can’t seem to refuse. They start playing strip Scrabble and as each one of their pieces of clothing come off they begin to realize their hidden attraction for one another can no longer be denied.

As the hours progress, Justin realizes that he’s seeing Isabella as this sexy, attractive woman who he wants to take to bed. Deciding to take their platonic relationship a step further, they start exploring their sexual desires for each other and they’re curious where it just might lead them. The sad part is Justin receives a call telling him that he’s going to be deployed much sooner than originally planned. So they have only twelve days and nights to explore this new relationship level that they decide to embark on and during this time they play with every toy he has in his box of BDSM toys that is under his bed. The problem is neither is prepared to face the fact that they’re falling in love with each other.

Once Justin deploys, where does this leave their relationship? Could they make this work?

I found this story to be a good read, but I did find times where the story dragged and made it difficult to get through. The characters Ms. Aidan created were exciting and I enjoyed getting to know both Isabella and Justin more intimately. I liked seeing how an innocent friendship turned mighty steamy in a short time all because Mother Nature and the blizzard she created. Overall, I liked this story and would look into other stories the author has penned.

Book Blurb for Twelve Wicked Nights

A sexy new voice in erotica delivers a hot twist on the holidays.

This season, the only gift attorney Isabella Andreu wants to unwrap is Navy SEAL Justin Rourke. She never set out to bed her sexy childhood rival over the holidays, but when a blizzard hits their sleepy hometown, she weathers the storm with Justin, and gives in to long- suppressed desires. Then Justin learns that he has only twelve nights before he's deployed on another high-risk mission. Now, only one thing is certain-Isabella and Justin are in for twelve steamy, sexy, unforgettably wicked nights.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.25