Turn Up the Heat

Harlequin Blaze #595

Event planner Candy Graham hasn’t dated anyone since her ex-boyfriend, Chuck, broke up with her about a year ago. She took the year to try to get over him, but no matter how hard she tries he still has a place in her heart.

During her monthly breakfast meeting with her three successful business girlfriends, they discuss how they think Candy should finally move on with her life and start dating again especially since Valentine’s Day is a month away.

Listening to matchmaking Marie tell Candy all the positive aspects of why she should set up a profile on her website Milwaukeedates.com, Candy isn’t sure this is the right thing to do to find Mr. Right. Reluctantly, she fills in the paperwork and heads for her appointment the next morning to set up her profile on Marie’s dating site. Now looking at the paperwork, she realizes that she likes a lot of things and it’ll make it difficult to narrow down what she should actually list on her profile. So Marie comes up with this creative idea that Candy should post four different profiles – one to match each of Candy’s personalities and from there they’ll see which one gets the most hits.

Reporter Justin Case stumbles upon her four profiles and feels that Candy is being a con artist for doing something as devious as this. So he decides to ask her out on a date and by doing this he plans on exposing her and the game she’s playing. But little does he know that in the process of trying to get a good story, he’ll fall in love with the Candy from all four profiles.

Could Justin be the Mr. Right that Candy has searched for all this time?

I really enjoyed this story and found the characters to be very well-rounded and likeable. Ms Sharpe had a very funny sense of humor when it came to the character names she chose and the whole storyline idea as a whole. If you’re looking for a story that will warm your heart while making you smile from ear to ear then you have found the right one with this book.

Book Blurb for Turn Up the Heat

Vibrant and multifaceted party organizer Candy Graham is looking to forget her dating past, even if it means joining a dating website. But creating four different e-profiles to suit her personality could land Candy in hot water…or better yet, in the arms of her scorchin'-hot neighbor!

Journalist Justin Case suspects he has the scoop of a lifetime—women hired to lure men into online dating. Could Candy be part of some kind of e-romance scam? But try as he might, even he can't resist the temptation of sexy, sweet Candy…and one taste is definitely not enough!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50