Tularosa Moon

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Tularosa Moon

Cole Roberts doesn’t have much to smile about lately. Between his father passing away six months ago and his ex-girlfriend leaving to join a medical group based in Africa, things seem to be spiraling out of control fairly fast. To add insult to injury, after Cole’s father passed on, his mom was not only dealing with the loss of her longtime husband, but also the huge amount of debt he incurred while making some bad business decisions regarding their horse breeding ranch. In order to try and make things right again, his mom decides to convert the horse ranch into a guest ranch to try and turn a profit. Thankfully Cole is a general contractor and has taken on the responsibility of doing all the renovations through his company.

Days before the renovated ranch is about to open, Cole is in town having lunch with some friends. After leaving them, he remembers his mom asking for him to stop at the local store in town before returning to the ranch. In a rush to be on his way, he witnesses a minor fender bender between an older town resident he knows and a beautiful woman who he’s never seen before. He offers assistance to both ladies and immediately notices just how edgy and out of sorts the attractive woman is acting. Panicked and not wanting to give any personal information out about herself, Lindy Grainger tells the older woman that she’ll repair the damages herself that the older woman caused. This will ensure that since no insurance information is exchanged, no one will know who she is. Lindy jumps back into her car and takes off never looking back. Assuring the elderly woman is okay, Cole also leaves to head to his mom’s ranch.

When he pulls up, he can’t believe his eyes. Standing next to his mother is none other than Lindy herself. He immediately becomes wary of her intentions and wonders why she’s even there talking to his mom. When he finds out that his mother has hired Lindy as their new housekeeper and masseuse, Cole thinks his mother has lost her mind. He doesn’t feel comfortable with a stranger such as Lindy being around the ranch and he’s concerned for his mother’s general well-being. But it seems that his mother won’t listen to his pleas of re-thinking hiring Lindy and this makes him even more wary of what this woman wants with his family. Though putting his concerns aside, he does find Lindy to be the most beautiful woman he’s laid eyes on in a longtime.

Will Cole be able to control the desire he feels for this secretive woman? Who exactly is Lindy Grainger and what is the story behind her ending up here? Does Lindy feel the same spark of desire for Cole? Could something start up between these two? What happens when Cole finds out exactly who Lindy is?

Ms. Coverstone is a talented author who knows how to weave her plots with interesting characters and plenty of intrigue along the way. Right from the start I was enamored by Cole and I couldn’t help but hope that things would start working in his favor soon. On the other hand, I was very skeptical of Lindy and her true intentions early on. It wasn’t until Ms. Coverstone explained that she was in the witness protection program that I began to warm to Lindy and wanted Cole to help her out. I felt they made a perfect pair because neither was without their own personal issues and faults and because of this I believed they would be able to understand each other even more so than if they were paired up with someone else. If you’re looking for that perfect read, this is the story you should definitely invest in!

Book Blurb for Tularosa Moon

You can run, but you can't hide from love...

Cole Roberts has been unlucky in love--twice--and he's sworn not to get involved again. Renovating the New Mexico family horse business into a guest ranch is a good distraction, until the ranch's new masseuse arrives. Captivating but secretive, the brown-eyed beauty intrigues him.

Three years ago, Lindy Grainger testified against a murderer and landed in witness protection. Her latest identity is masseuse at a guest ranch, but how long before she must reinvent herself--again? She can't get involved with anyone, no matter how big-hearted and charming he is.

Cole's heart can't take another rejection. Lindy has to steer clear of relationships. But as their attraction grows, a murderer bent on revenge closes in, and Lindy must trust Cole with her secret or lose him. Will the truth set her free, or tear them apart?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 5.00