Trouble Me

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Trouble Me

A Rosewood Novel, #3

Jade Radcliffe, the youngest and wildest of the Radcliffe sisters, returns home to the family’s Virginia horse farm with plenty of personal baggage following her from her troubled youth. You see, Jade was always finding herself in trouble one way or another when she was younger and now returning home to Rosewood seems to bring back some unpleasant memories for her. But she promises herself she’s going to make some changes for the better and leave her past in the past. It’s time to make a fresh start for herself being a new substitute teacher and riding instructor at the family’s farm and she’s going to make some new memories with her sisters.

By being home again, it seems to have Jade facing many challenges, both good and bad, that makes her question everything she stands for. Especially, when she realizes that the gorgeous guy she had a one night stand with on her way home to Rosewood turns out to be none other than the very cop that seemed to be her nemesis years ago while she was going through her rebellion stage.

Now, years later, she comes face to face with Rob Cooper, the very man that seemed to want her behind bars when she was a teenager and who blamed her for his wife’s death years ago. Can they both find it within themselves to bury the past and mend the wounds that never seemed to healed? Is it remotely possible that they can find comfort this time around in each other’s arms?

I really enjoyed this third and final book in the Rosewood trilogy. Ms. Moore has a way with words that immediately grabs your heartstrings and takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride while you turn each page. I loved her storyline and thought her characters were well-rounded individuals that I could very easily relate to. They had their flaws which made them realistic and easy to like because they were human in every way possible. I loved the friction that Jade and Rob first had together and I loved seeing them come full circle in the end. I’m sad to see the Radcliffe sisters’ stories coming to an end and I can only hope that maybe Ms. Moore might have something else up her sleeve that she can incorporate these sisters once again into a spin-off storyline. If you’re in the market for a feel-good story with wonderful characters set on a beautiful Virginia horse farm, than look no further. This trilogy is definitely worth adding to your library and re-reading over and over again.

Book Blurb for Trouble Me


The youngest and wildest of the Radcliffe sisters, Jade is the last to return home to her family’s sprawling Virginia horse farm and its unsettling memories. She never planned on a night of passion with a stranger before starting her new life as a teacher and riding instructor—or the shock of recognizing the man who gave her so much pleasure standing right there in her classroom.

Officer Rob Cooper is stunned. Not only is the woman who rocked his world his daughter’s second grade teacher, but she’s the troubled teen whom he blames for his wife’s death years ago. Worse, now that he sees her in the light of day, he wants her more than ever. Time has softened Jade’s hard, rebellious edge—she’s spirited, honest, and sexy to distraction. But will the feelings ignited in the heat of desire be enough to heal a past that needs forgiving?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 5.00