Trick Or Treat

Angie Preston, an operating room nurse, doesn’t want a relationship at the moment because she has been badly burned in the past. She’s lonely, but isn’t ready for another boyfriend just yet.
Rob Hendricks, a local fire fighter, isn’t ready to get into a new relationship either at this point in his life. His wife passed away at a young age and he had his heart ripped out of his chest when it happened. She was everything to him and more. He’ll never find another person as special as she was.
Since Halloween is here, Angie’s friend and Rob’s friend try their hardest to get them to go out to have a little fun at one of the local bars throwing a costume party. Neither Angie nor Rob really wants to go, but their friends finally convince them that going for just one drink couldn’t be all that bad. After some persuading, they both decide to go for a few minutes then they’ll leave the stupid party they hadn’t planned on attending in the first place.
When Angie and Rob set eyes on each other at the party, sparks fly between them. The question is though will they both act upon their attraction for one another beyond this one night at the Halloween party? Could something more come out of this than just a one night fling?
I had fun reading this short story by Ms. Vance and I really enjoyed getting to know both Angie and Rob. It was nice to see that they both gave into their friends and decided to go to the party after all. I had hoped that they would both see there was something going on between them and take into serious consideration that you don’t stumble upon that opportunity every day. Overall, this was an enjoyable read for me.

Book Blurb for Trick Or Treat

Pages: 31

Trick or Treat... Halloween candy for the heart.

Angie Preston is a lonely operating room nurse. Rob Hendricks is a lonely fire fighter. Both are broken-hearted for different reasons, but neither of them wants a new romance. Can one night of passion at a Halloween party give them the love they weren't looking for?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 3.25