Touch and Go

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Touch and Go

Carrie Stanfield first got to meet Patrick McKay, the branch manager of a local business in Mystic Ridge, NY called the Paranormal Assessment and Recovery Agency (PARA), when she interviewed him for an article she was writing for the Mystic Medallion magazine. Being a nonbeliever in psychics or anything paranormal, Carrie still wanted to do this interview because she knew it will boost the magazine’s sales. Never did she imagine that not only would Patrick be a drop-dead gorgeous guy, but also he would be empathic – a person who can read other’s emotions. As he held her hand while greeting her, he immediately did an assessment of Carrie and informed her that she’s psychic too and that he’d love to hire her for PARA. Of course she didn’t believe a word he told her and declined his offer.
Fast forward two years and now she’s standing outside the PARA building worrying about her job interview. She has an appointment with Patrick to discuss her new found ability of telekinesis – the power that she can move things with her mind – and if hired, how being added to the PARA team will help her keep her ability in check daily. But when she sees Patrick again after these two years have passed, she immediately picks up on that something isn’t right with him. She isn’t certain what it could be, but he’s no longer the friendly person he was in the last visit they had together years ago.
Is Carrie hired to join the PARA team? Does she ever find out why Patrick’s disposition is completely different around her this time?
I really enjoyed this story and instantly fell in love with Patrick. I truly felt bad for him and I had hoped he would be able to work through his issues safely and not cause any more damage than he already had to deal with on a daily basis. I was totally engrossed in this paranormal story and would definitely recommend it to other readers.

Book Blurb for Touch and Go

Oh, the Bahamas.

What a perfect place for a fling!

Or is it?

Carrie Stanfield is there on assignment with the hottest guy ever! The chemistry between them is more volatile than the tropical storm that strands them on a deserted island. So why the heck won't Patrick McKay touch her already?

Patrick would "love" to get his hands all over Carrie's sweet body. Unfortunately, he's been fooling around with a charm that makes touching another person very hard. But not touching Carrie is making him even harder....

It's not looking very good for these two. Then again, when you mess around with magic, the most seductive things can happen....

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.50