Too Wild to Hold

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Too Wild to Hold

Legendary Lovers, Blaze #633

I found this story to be a good read in which Ms. Leto penned her two main characters to fit perfectly together in my opinion. I loved how Claire LaCuyer, a PI, was a go-getter and quite independent in which she set out to not only find a runaway mom who skipped out on her husband and children without another thought, but also she was on the hunt for a serial rapist. When FBI Special Agent Michael Murrieta entered the picture, the intensity of his and Claire's attraction was just off the charts. I wanted them to be together, but I worried that Claire was going to be too distracted with everything going on to realize that the serial rapist was now after her too. This book definitely had a hot storyline to it and the characters were very likeable to me. Overall, I thought it was worth the read.

Book Blurb for Too Wild to Hold

The second book in the author's first ever back-to-back Blaze series, LEGENDARY LOVERS.


In the sultry heat of New Orleans, a masked man stalks his next prey...private investigator Claire Lécuyer. In order to protect her, FBI agent Michael Murrieta--the descendant of a real masked legend--must go undercover at her hiding place...a sensual retreat, where decadence and sin beckon from every room.

Once immersed in this world of pleasure, Claire and Michael find themselves teased by the languidly sexual environment--and their blazing attraction to each other. But even as they "mask" their true identities, it's too late.

Now Claire and Michael are caught up in the danger...and their desire. And the longer they stay in the sensuous world, the more dangerous it is!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.25