Too Hot to Touch

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Too Hot to Touch

Legendary Lovers, Blaze #631

Alex Aguilar, an art expert, finds himself inheriting the auction house his father owned. Unfortunately, the merchandise is shady to say the least. Being an honest person, he's uncomfortable with the fact that this merchandise could very well tarnish the good reputation he has established for himself.

When he begins working with his new and very sexy assistant, Lucienne Bonet, he can't seem to get her off his mind. But being the gentleman that he is and upholding the morals he has set for himself, he knows the only way for him to get to know Lucienne better is to fire her so she's no longer his employee. Sparks aren't the only thing flying between these two. Ironically, there's just one small little detail that Lucienne is hiding from Alex that could very well change how he feels about her once he does find out.

Does Lucienne ever tell Alex her secret? If so, how does he react to her news and would they be able to work through it together?

I thought this was an entertaining read and it had a unique storyline to it. One thing that I wasn't happy with was that Lucienne wasn't being honest with Alex. Having said that, I did find myself engrossed enough that I lost track of the time while reading it. Overall, it was a good story that I think others will enjoy too.

Book Blurb for Too Hot to Touch

The spirit of a masked legend lives on…

Art expert Alex Aguilar is an honest man. When he inherits an auction house dealing in shady merchandise, he's desperate to catalog everything before the goods tarnish his sterling reputation. But even if the merchandise isn't exactly hot, his scorching new assistant, Lucienne Bonet, definitely is. Too bad his pesky moral code means he has to keep his hands off…or does he?

Lucienne isn't quite what she seems. She's a thief and she's after a very valuable ring that once belonged to a legendary masked hero…Alex's ancestor. But as Alex deliciously undoes her plans— and her clothes—Lucienne realizes that eventually, her mask will have to come off, too!

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.25