Three River Ranch

Ms. Snopek did a wonderful job creating her storyline and characters the way she did. I found Aurora McAllister and Carson Granger so believable that they felt like real people I was reading and learning about while I turned the pages. I even loved Aurora’s Labradoodle, Mistral, who was her faithful and loving companion. I felt this story perfectly blended a bit of sweetness, plenty of romance and was overall a well-written story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I even found myself laughing out loud at different points as I was reading. I also felt that the storyline moved at a nice pace, which made this a light, breezy story to get lost in very easily. The chemistry between Aurora and Carson was refreshing because they both didn’t want a relationship or any romance in their lives at this time, but Cupid seemed to be working behind the scenes with these two characters. One more thing that I’d like to mention was that I really loved the honesty these two shared with each other. I found it quite refreshing and it just added to the ever-growing list of positive things I liked about this novel. I highly recommend it and look forward to reading more from this author.

Pregnant Aurora McAllister needs to start fresh with her life. So she decides to pack up her belongings and she and her Labradoodle, Mistral, head to their new lives at Three River Ranch. She’s hoping that the place she’s moving into has been well cared for and ready for her to move into, since she signed the lease sight unseen. Arriving and seeing what the place really looks like turns out to be a pure nightmare for her. It’s dilapidated and hasn’t been lived in for some time, clearly by the looks of things. But things start looking up for her when she meets handsome Carson Granger and they come to a mutual agreement together of what is to be expected of each other since they’ll be living on the ranch together. Are they both able to help each other out even though the conditions are far from ideal for either one of them? Could something more come out of their friendship together?

Book Blurb for Three River Ranch

Needing a fresh start from her two-timing fiancé, Aurora McAllister answers a realtor’s ad for a guesthouse on the beautiful, serene Three River Ranch. She shows up at Three River tired, heartbroken, and with no one but her trusty Labradoodle as a companion.

Cowboy Carson Granger has enough trouble in his life without adding a woman and her dog to the mix. There’s the untamed mustang he’s prepping to release into the wild, not to mention his father’s crazy will, which stipulates that if Carson wants to fully inherit Three River, he’ll need to find a bride. Carson wants nothing to do with love and especially not a marriage of convenience. But he soon realizes Rory, and everything she represents, might just be exactly what he needs.

Sometimes love arrives on your doorstep when you least expect it…

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 5.00