The Yellow House on Maloney Grove

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The Yellow House on Maloney Grove

I really enjoyed this paranormal story and felt the author did a wonderful job at keeping my heart pounding in my chest as I quickly turned the pages to see what odd things would happen next. From the very first page, I was pulled into this storyline and I could just feel something ominous hanging in the air. I love a great paranormal story that immediately pulls you in and makes you feel like you’re seeing and feeling all the creepy things happening as if you’re one of the characters. This author succeeded in doing just that for me with this spooky novel. I highly recommend this story and feel it’s definitely worth adding to your library. Great job!

Libby and Ethan Peterson have just moved to Washington because Libby has accepted a job offer with a prominent insurance company. While settling into the yellow house they picked on Maloney Grove, there just seems to be some strange vibes going on in the house. Not to mention, the house seems to always be much cooler than the outside temperature. The house even has a burning smell that is quite noticeable now, but it only seems to occur in a few of the rooms. This didn’t happen when they came to visit the house originally. At first, Libby and Ethan think their minds are just playing games on them and all they have to do is settle into their surroundings a bit more, but as much as they’d like to think that’s all it’ll take, strange things start happening that let them know there’s a supernatural presence residing with them. What do Libby and Ethan do once they realize what’s going on inside the house?

Book Blurb for The Yellow House on Maloney Grove

After moving from Southern California to a unique, beautiful, and bizarre enclave of Western Washington, recently married Libby and Ethan try settling into a new life in a seemingly ideal home. The couple confronts the difficulties of relocation and the challenges of a young marriage, while strange occurrences in the house gradually become too pronounced to ignore. As their relationship experiences increasing strain, Libby and Ethan begin questioning the influence of the house and discover its shocking past. Shunned by the community as outsiders and finally admitting a supernatural presence in their house, Libby and Ethan must decide what is most important to them.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00