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The World Clicks

Thirty-year old Lane Craig is a software developer. Being as smart as he is, he realizes there’s so much more out there for him to still accomplish in his life and he hopes to one day stop the nine-to-five grind from the company he presently works for. He feels this way even more so when he thinks up an amazing idea for a website that’ll be so powerfully charged it’ll change how people look at the Internet forever.

When he approaches his two close friends, Johnny and Thomas, he explains what he has in mind. You see, his idea is to develop a website called which will be the Flagship site that will host varying affiliate sites off of it. Eventually, you’ll go to the main website and there you’ll find a button that all you have to do is click. As each click registers from around the world, a chain of events will start affecting the affiliate sites as well. For each click from a person, revenue will generate for Lane, his friends and anyone who has purchased one or more of the affiliate sites.

Although his concept is only in the beginning stages, his friends love the idea, so much so, they jump on board with him. After months of hard work on the main and affiliate sites, when the sites are finally unveiled, the guys can only hope that their ideas and effort have all paid off enough to become a global phenomenon.

The question remains does and its affiliates become the global successes that Lane has envisioned and hoped they would become?

I absolutely loved this storyline! The creative idea Mr. Breakey came up with was pure genius. Even though the background theory of only having to click a button on a website was a simple idea, the follow through concept that each click counted toward revenue earned was fantastic. I became so engrossed in this storyline from the very beginning and I came to realize that I was just as excited for this to work out as if it were a real project a team of software developers produced for the world. The characters were well-rounded individuals with all humanistic qualities about them. Everyone could relate to them on some level and it was so enjoyable going on the roller coaster ride alongside them as they experienced their ups and downs during the planning and execution of this massive project. One thing I want to highlight was how much I enjoyed Mr. Breakey’s voice throughout his story. As he loosely classifies this to be a “Dude Lit” book, I must commend him for writing it the way he did because it gave it a new flair in reading a male author’s writing. This novel will definitely stand out from the rest for its creative storyline and fresh voice. As an end note, the author has gone out of his way to even create a Glossary of Terms and Acronyms used throughout the book, along with a Cast of Characters List which can all be found at his companion website: I highly recommend this book and I eagerly look forward to reading more from this very talented author!

Book Blurb for The World Clicks

A powerful idea has descended on Lane Craig, a 30-year old corporate gunslinger who dreams of greatness. Simple beyond belief, powerful beyond measure, the idea refuses to go away. Lane knows that if managed properly, a new electronic organism will emerge and transform the Internet and his life forever.

A geeky wizard of Web programming, Lane can't do it alone. Fortunately, suitable partners are nearby. Best pal Johnny is a glib slacker coasting pleasantly in life's fast lane. Long-time friend Thomas, he of the freaky high IQ, has grown surly in recent years. Downright awkward. What's he hiding? It is only the addition of hard-charging newcomer Gino that galvanizes the team's momentum.

Will the idea triumph? Will it derail in a tumult of testosterone and alcohol? A brave face cannot mask Lane's self-doubt and paranoia. Nor can new love interest, Cat, a striking beauty with a no-nonsense attitude.

But as the saying goes, even paranoid people have enemies. Especially when it comes to Internet riches.

Set in Vancouver, BC, The World Clicks is no science fiction tale. The idea is real. It could be developed. The prescription is in the pages of the book. In its simplest form, it's a grand dare to Web developers everywhere. Who has what it takes? Who wants it?

Time will tell...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 5.00