The Washington Ultimatum

Angel Stone, a Rogue CIA agent, has killed thousands of people in the US by means of setting off dirty bombs. She threatens to continue this massacre unless the US pays her and her group of terrorists one billion dollars. So the FBI sets a plan in motion by launching a worldwide manhunt for these terrorists. They choose FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch to be the leader of this manhunt and she in turn, hires ex-Special Forces operative J.T. Ryan. He must set out to find these terrorists before more people die. Do Erin and J.T. find this terrorist group before it’s too late?

I have to start off by saying that this was a fabulous book to read. Mr. Gimenez knows how to write a story that grabs his readers’ attention and holds it until his very last word. Right from the start, I was pulled in and felt I was on the chase of my life alongside J.T. while he was trying to track down this terrorist group. The author created a fast-paced story and molded his characters to be people everyone could relate to in some way. I wanted J.T. to be able to stop this crazy terrorist group before it was too late. My heart was pounding in my chest as I frantically turned the pages to see what J.T. was faced with next. If you love Mystery Thrillers, this is one story that you shouldn’t pass up. I highly recommend it to readers and feel you won’t be disappointed. Well done, Mr. Gimenez!

Book Blurb for The Washington Ultimatum

Rogue CIA agent Angel Stone sets off a ‘dirty bomb’ in Honolulu, Hawaii, killing thousands and creating widespread panic. She threatens to do the same to several other American cities, including Washington DC, unless she and her shadowy group of terrorists are paid one billion dollars. The FBI launches a massive worldwide manhunt to find the elusive, ruthless criminals. Leading the search is FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch. She hires ex-Special Forces operative J.T. Ryan to help hunt down the terrorists. As the clock winds down to disaster, Ryan sets off in a frantic, heart-pounding chase that takes him across the U.S. and Europe. Can he and Erin foil the deadly plot and avert catastrophe in time?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00