The Trouble with Mistletoe

A Brookhollow Story #1

Victoria Mason left the small town of Brookhollow twelve years ago and never looked back. One person she left behind was her fiancé, Luke Dawson. Now, working at a high-powered acquisitions firm, she finds herself returning to Brookhollow for business. As a matter of fact, she’s there to acquire a sporting-goods store, but this task isn’t going to be an easy one for her. Ironically, the very owner of the store is none other than Luke. All she wants to do is finish the deal and head back to her comfortable life, but Luke isn’t going to give up his store without a fight - especially to Victoria. While Victoria is back in town, do they decide to rekindle what they once had? Could they make a relationship work this time around?

I just adored this heartwarming story and I loved the fact that not only was it set during the holidays, which is a magical time of year, but also it showed that you must take the gift of second chances as a blessing and act upon it. I loved the storyline and felt the characters were completely believable. I was rooting for them to try a second chance at love and I was very happy that their friends and family helped them along the way to make their decision. This was one story that I just didn’t want to end. I highly recommend it and I’m glad I got the chance to review it even though it’s almost a year old. Well done, Ms. Snow!

Book Blurb for The Trouble with Mistletoe

You can't say no to a mistletoe kiss, no matter who's under it!

Since leaving Brookhollow and her fiancé, Luke Dawson, twelve years earlier, Victoria Mason hasn't looked back. She's traded the small-town dream of marriage, kids and family Christmas dinners for late nights working at a high-powered acquisitions firm, lunches at trendy New York restaurants and jet-set vacations on the slopes.

So her latest work assignment, to acquire Brookhollow's sporting-goods store, poses a challenge for Victoria, in more ways than one. Because it's almost Christmas, and she's got other holiday plans. And the owner is reluctant to sell. And the owner is Luke. She needs to wrap up the deal before she gets caught up in her old life and her old love…or becomes trapped under the mistletoe. Again.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 5.00