The Revelation

Wickford High, #1

Vicky Phillips has always thought of herself as a normal teenager. But strange things have been happening to her lately that she just can't explain. Then tragedy strikes and her mother dies unexpectedly. Within a few days of her mom's death, her father decides to relocate them from Fort Lauderdale to a new town some distance away that seems nice, but very different. Everything that's happening as of late seems pretty extreme to Vicky, but her father doesn't tell her the true reasoning behind their abrupt move. He wants to protect her in any way possible that he can.

Starting out in a new school her senior year isn't the easiest either. She finds herself enrolled into Wickford High, a strict Catholic school, and from the moment she walks in there things keep getting worse for her. But they start to look up when she meets this really cute guy, Luke Wolfburn, and he takes her under his wing to help her transition a bit easier. As they get to know each other, they seem very attracted to one another, but Luke is fearful that if she finds out the truth about him she won't still be interested in him.

Does Vicky ever find out Luke's secret? What about all the secrets her parents have withheld from her too? Moving forward, is it at all possible for her to try and have as normal a teenage life as she can?

I have to say that I absolutely loved this book! Although it's a Young Adult novel I can assure you that even as an adult, such as myself, you'll enjoy it just as much as a teenager. I know this is a new author and rest assured she will be going places with her new series. She carved out wonderful characters that you just can't help but fall in love with and they work so well together to make this story so believable. I eagerly look forward to reading the next book in the series, Furiously Tempted, which should be coming out soon. Don't pass this new series up!

Book Blurb for The Revelation

The first day of school anywhere is never fun . . .

At first glance, Wickford High, seems like a normal Catholic School. But Vicky Phillips soon discovers that there is nothing normal about Wickford High… or its occupants… She is the new kid at a new school, and is having the absolute worst day of her life, until she meets the hot, sexy, wolf shape shifter, Luke Wolfburn. Luke makes the disaster she calls her life bearable.

Dark secrets that must be kept hidden . . .

It seems that everyone at Wickford High has their secrets. Vicky has her own secret, a secret that her mother died for. She all too soon discovers that you can't run from your past. It will always come back to haunt you...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00