The Rebel

Harlequin Blaze #586

Major Finn O’Conner has decided to go on a weeklong vacation to Tybee Island, Georgia before he’s shipped out to the Middle East on his third tour of duty as an Army Ranger. Choosing this as his vacation destination was easy because he knows it’ll bring back some warm memories he’s had with his parents from the time he was a toddler until he was eighteen years old. Since his parents died in a car accident not long ago, he’s feeling a bit lonely and nostalgic now that they’re gone. While he’s there, he hopes to run into the owners’ daughter, Sunny Ledbetter, the girl he always had a special place in his heart for.
When he arrives at the Sandpiper Inn, his wish comes true and he gets to see Sunny even though her father explained on the phone when he made the reservations that she now lives in Savannah. She’s as beautiful and sexy as ever and he hopes he’ll get the opportunity to explain his sudden change of heart twelve years ago of why he broke it off with her. But every time he brings it up to Sunny, she dismisses the conversation and acts like she can’t be bothered talking to him. That doesn’t stop Finn from continually trying though.
As Finn tries getting closer to Sunny, her ex-boyfriend Heath of only a few months begins to act very irrational toward her and starts to scare her. Finn won’t let this creep harm Sunny and in the process of becoming her bodyguard, they begin to get to know each other again since so many years have passed.
Could this be the opportunity Finn is looking for to get everything off his chest once and for all with Sunny? What happens with her crazy ex-boyfriend that pushes Finn to take action against the creep? Is there any hope that Finn and Sunny could work things out and get back together again?
I absolutely loved this story! I enjoyed getting to know Sunny and Finn and I had hoped that she would give him the time he asked for so he could explain what happened twelve years ago. I wanted them to be together again and I felt they would make a wonderful couple if only they would talk things over and settle out the past once and for all. When Sunny’s ex-boyfriend kept acting irrational toward her I wanted to call the cops on him myself. He deserved to be dealt with by the authorities and I wanted him finally out of the picture. If you’re looking for characters that are believable and a plot that’s enjoyable, then you’ve found the perfect story to read!

Book Blurb for The Rebel

Subject: Finn O'Connor, Army Ranger.

Current Status: In between tours of duty. Oddly discontent with the way his life is going…

Mission: Getting his act together before the next assignment.

Obstacle: Sunny Ledbetter. The girl he's never managed to forget…

Finn has never questioned his life's purpose—to serve and protect, no matter how unorthodox the means. But since the unexpected deaths of his parents, he feels lost….

Until he runs into Sunny, the first girl he'd ever loved. Sunny's now all woman…and very interested in fanning the banked flames between them into blistering adult heat! And his libido is definitely game.

But once again, their timing is off. He'd like nothing more than to spend every waking moment in her bed…but he's leaving in a week! Unfortunately, the overwhelming chemistry between them isn't giving him a choice.

And every soldier knows there are some battles you just can't win….

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 5.00