The Proposal

A "Dirty Bits" Short Story

Cheri and Blake met five years ago in an ice cream parlor and after instant sparks ignited between them, she took him up on the offer to go back to his hotel room. Since then, they have planned a secret rendezvous place where they have an entire weekend of sizzling hot sex. But just as in the past, they have no communication between each other during the rest of the year. They both look forward to this one weekend a year of pure unbridled pleasure with no strings attached.

Last year when Cheri and Blake were together, he asked her if she would consider marrying him. He didn't want an answer immediately and was even gracious enough to tell her she can answer him when they met up together a year to the date. He explained that she'd be receiving a package from him days before their next meeting and he'd like to see her wearing whatever will be in the box.

Right on schedule, Cheri receives the gift from Blake that contains beautiful lingerie along with a gorgeous family heirloom necklace. If she decides to wear both when she meets up with Blake, then it will signify to him that she has accepted his marriage proposal. The night finally arrives in which they'll have another rendezvous together.

The question remains will Cheri be wearing the lingerie along with Blake's family heirloom necklace? Are they both ready to make this a more serious commitment between each other?

I really enjoyed this short story and loved the author's voice throughout. Her characters were sexy and easy to fall in love with and the story was rich in details of their sizzling affair together. If you're looking for a short story that will make you beg for more, than look no further. Well done, Ms. Edwards!

Book Blurb for The Proposal

Is it an affair that suits both Cheri and Blake? One weekend a year they meet for hot, torrid sex. No commitments, no holds barred. One of them wants something more. Will the other say yes?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 5.00