The Perfect Blend

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The Perfect Blend

Carrie Lowell has worked her fingers to the bone since she opened her coffee shop, Coffee To Chai For. This shop is her pride and joy and she'll do almost anything to make it even more successful than it already is.

When the hunky librarian, Matt Jacobs, proposes a business deal to Carrie, she's a bit reluctant at first to accept it. After thinking it through, she realizes that she'd eventually need a partner anyway so why not partner up with sexy Matt? Once they sign the legal documents, it seems that Matt decides to close the shop for one week to have some construction done to make it more customer friendly. When Carrie finds out, she doesn't like his ideas of having a drive up window and new dining area for her guests. But he started the construction and the damage is already done. If matters aren't already bad enough between them, it seems that a bunch of reporters are following her and Matt. She has no idea why they are until one of them tells her a secret about Matt. Now it seems everything is crashing down around her including what she and Matt have both started between them. Carrie can't help but think that Matt is just like the other two guys from her past who ripped her heart out and stepped all over it.

Does Carrie allow Matt to explain his situation to her? Why did he even lie to her from the beginning? Can anything good come out of this situation?

Ms. Rogers penned another great story with very interesting characters. The storyline was entertaining and I couldn't help but fall in love with Matt myself. When I found out why he was being so deceptive to everyone in Redemption, I understood his reasoning as to why he wanted to protect himself the way he did. Though I have to say that I really wished he would have been the one telling Carrie the truth instead of the meddling reporter. This is the third book in the Welcome To Redemption series and I just loved it! You definitely shouldn't pass this series up!

Note: The Welcome to Redemption series takes takes place in a tiny Midwest town named Redemption, Wisconsin. Each one of the stories concentrates on specific people for that story, but they all continually have the entire cast of characters walking in and out of the pages.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00