The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood

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The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood

A Creek Indian Story

Mr. Hausman penned a very intuitive story based on a traditional tale that has been passed on from generation to generation from the Creek Indians of northern Florida and Georgia. In this book, we’re told the story of how Listener the Otter has decided to take heed on the warning that Spotted Frog told him. The frog explains that a massive flood is coming that will cause great devastation. When all the other animals ask why Listener is building a sturdy raft for himself in preparation of the flood coming, he is ridiculed and alienated by them. They tell him that he’s crazy for believing such a wild story from Spotted Frog. Does the devastating flood really happen? If so, does Listener’s raft hold up? To find out what happens next, pick up a copy.

I really enjoyed this story because of the long traditional beliefs that have been passed on through the generations. It was beautifully illustrated and I felt that they added just the right touch to enhance this generational Native American story. Mr. Hausman did a remarkable job and I highly recommend it to all parents and children who love reading stories that teach a well-deserved lesson in the end. Well done!

Book Blurb for The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood

When Spotted Frog tells of a great flood that is about to destroy their homes, all of the animals ignore his warnings, except Listener the Otter. Ridiculed by the other animals, Listener heeds Spotted Frog’s predictions and begins to build a raft to try and survive the impending disaster. But will his efforts be enough?

This charming children’s book warns us to listen to the wisdom of nature and the environment. Based on a traditional story from the Creek Indians of northern Florida and Georgia, this book is retold by award-winning author and storyteller Gerald Hausman, and is brought to life by the powerful images of Ramon Shiloh. This universal tale is imbued with Native American wisdom that is even more prescient now, with the conditions of global warming that threaten our world.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 5.00