The Northern Frights

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The Northern Frights

Scary School #3

In this children’s book, we’re told the story of how Charles “New Kid” Nukid and several other students had been chosen to partake in Scream Academy – the scariest monster school around. If you can survive through your training, everyone will look highly upon your developed skills. It’s within this program that the students must decide if they should work together honing their skills so they can successfully complete this intensely terrifying program.

This was the first book I got to read in this series and I loved it. I now know why this series has received all the hype that it has. I loved getting to know the children and I had fun seeing the additional characters like the Abominable Snowman - who was the principal, the Headless Horseman – who was a teacher and all the ogres, witches and trolls who had parts in this story, as well. This was one wacky and fun story that I laughed through the entire time I read it. I’m hearing that this series is doing so well that schools are buying the books and making it classroom assigned reading. I really enjoyed this story and plan on reading the previous two books so I can fully enjoy the stories from the very beginning. I highly recommend this middle-grade series!

When Charles “New Kid” Nukid is placed in the highly acclaimed Scream Academy with some fellow classmates of his, they’re excited but terrified at what will be expected of them. This is an elite academy program, that if you make it to the end, you’ll be among the best of the best from this school. Do Charles and his friends make it safely to the end of the program?

Book Blurb for The Northern Frights

In The Northern Frights, the third book in the spooky Scary School series, Charles “New Kid” Nukid and his friends, including Lattie, a girl ninja, must fight an epic battle with an ice dragon to save their school. But first they must survive going to Scream Academy as exchange students. And that may be hard, because the Academy has an abominable snowman for a principal, a Headless Horseman as one of the teachers, and the students are yetis, trolls, and ogres!

Will Charles survive to make an ancient prophecy come to pass and save everyone? The illustrated Scary School trilogy by Derek the Ghost, with its mix of humor, scares, and adventure, is a perfect pick for middle-grade readers of the Wayside School series and the Zach Files books.

Age Level: 8 and up | Grade Level: 3 and up

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00