The Lost Puppy

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The Lost Puppy

All that Sydney wants is to have a puppy. Since Santa didn't fulfill her wish last year, she decides to ask him again this year. Ironically, as she drops off yet another letter to Santa at her local library, her and her grandparents stumble upon a lost puppy. All Sydney wants to do is keep it for herself, but her parents know they have to do the right thing once they find out and they decide to take it to the shelter in hopes the owners can find it. Sydney isn't happy with this, but her parents won't budge. Although Sydney is upset, she knows it is the right thing to do so the puppy can be reunited with her family. In doing the right thing, something magical happens to her and changes how she sees things regarding wanting a puppy. What happens to Sydney?

I found this to be a cute, short story that will teach children a good lesson about doing the right thing even though it may not be what they want to do. I think they will enjoy the storyline and characters while they learn a lesson in the process. The one thing I especially liked was what happened to Sydney later on in the story. The authors developed a magical storyline children will enjoy reading or having read to them. If you are looking for a cute story that will teach a good lesson in the process, than look no further.

Book Blurb for The Lost Puppy

It will soon be Sydney's birthday, and last year she wanted a puppy. Maybe this year, she'll get one. Coming home from school, she rescues a small bedraggled puppy and takes it home. Her kind action kick starts a series of amazing events.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 3.50