The Long, Hot Texas Summer

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The Long, Hot Texas Summer

Harlequin American Romance 1461 - McCabe Homecoming

The one thing I really enjoyed about this book was that the author wrote about gender role reversal in which she made her character A.B. Johnson, otherwise known as Amanda, a master carpenter who was hired by Justin McCabe to help build a special ranch for troubled teens. Usually you don’t see authors giving females such rugged jobs that are usually done by men, but Ms. Gillen Thacker did a great job carrying this role reversal off with her character Amanda. I loved how Justin and Amanda each had some lessons to learn not only from each other, but also from within. I felt they worked well as a team and I truly wanted to see these two work at something romantic together. I even enjoyed the canine characters the author added to her storyline because I’m a sucker for animals in any kind of story. Her sense of humor was a breath of fresh air for me and I can honestly say that I would recommend this book to other readers who are looking for a great story they can get lost in for a few hours. Well done, Ms. Gillen Thacker!

When Justin McCabe decides he wants to build his own ranch for troubled teens, he starts investing his own money and begins obtaining the permits to get the job started. He even applies for grants to help him out financially since he can’t swing the entire cost of the project himself. One of the biggest positions he has to fill is hiring a master carpenter to do the work with him. So he hires a carpenter by the name of A.B. Johnson and fully expects A.B. to be a guy. He’s so stunned when he meets sexy Amanda and he just can’t help but find her extremely attractive. Sparks fly between these two and both have a few lessons to learn while working with each other. The question remains do they decide to act upon the attraction they feel towards one another?

Book Blurb for The Long, Hot Texas Summer

Heating Up In Texas! 

When Justin McCabe hires a master carpenter to help build his ranch for troubled teens, tall, gorgeous blonde Amanda Johnson isn't quite what he'd imagined. But not only can she do the job, she has a thing or two to teach him about judging by appearances. And, more important, she has a knack for reaching the kind of kid Justin wants to help. 

Amanda hadn't counted on her new boss—all strapping six foot five of him—being so utterly irresistible. Working side by side under the scorching Texas sun, the two of them make a great team—in every way possible. The heat of summer is no match for the sizzle they generate whenever they're together. But when a crisis forces Amanda to face her past, she'll need to make a heart-wrenching decision about her future…whether Justin is in it or not.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00