The Hero's Companion

Tallent & Lowery, #3

In book three of this series, we find Leah Tallent and her boyfriend, Gareth Lowery, called upon to find some answers as to why her father, David, has been suddenly abducted. As Leah and Gareth arrive at the Tallent residence in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut, her mother is distraught beyond belief. Trying to find some clues as to why David was abducted and where the thugs had taken him, Leah tries to pull any information out of her mom that might shed some light onto this mind-boggling situation. Unfortunately, the only information her mother does provide is that she blames Leah and Gareth 100% for this happening to her husband. You see, she explains to Leah that in sharing all the details to hers and Gareth’s past adventures, has only seemed to awaken the “Indiana Jones” adventurer in David again. As a matter of fact, it’s played such a vital role to David that it’s affected their marriage in the process. Although Leah is hurt by her mother’s accusations, she treads on to see what clues might have been left in the house to indicate where she and Gareth should begin searching. Oh, and the clincher is, the message left by the thugs is, “Leah has exactly seven days before the walls come tumbling down.” Do Leah and Gareth find enough clues to know where to search for David? If so, do they find him in time?

I have to say that Ms. Lignor has done it again in providing her fans with a heart stopping third installment of the Tallent & Lowery series. Right from the start, my heart was pounding in my chest from all the intrigue and adventure that awaited me. I had hoped that David was able to leave enough clues behind so Leah and Gareth would be able to know what was going on and where the thugs would have taken him. Not to mention the key element being what the encrypted message meant that Leah only had seven days before the walls crumbled down on her. The mother’s accusations toward Leah and Gareth really surprised me. I understood that the woman was distraught over the kidnapping of her husband, but to be so venomous about it was uncalled for. I just loved this book and feel it’s the perfect addition for this ongoing series. I highly recommend it!

Book Blurb for The Hero's Companion

With their second battle behind them, Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery find themselves still knee-deep in hell. What should’ve ended with a celebration of passion wrapped in each other’s arms becomes a nightmare once more, as a mysterious man demands Leah to return home, or else her beloved father will be found at the bottom of the sea.

Scrambling to figure out what’s happened Tallent & Lowery walk in on a family that has literally gone insane: A mother filled with accusations, three sisters who wish them nothing but certain death, and a frightening story of a blood-red eye that leads to a puzzle with immense repercussions. The woman named Anippe who readers questioned in The Sapphire Storm is back, with an item in her possession that will have Tallent & Lowery heading out on an adventure based on pure emotion and ultimate fear – where victory may just depend on their willingness to sacrifice each other.

The time has come for Tallent & Lowery to go head-to-head with the mysterious voice from 13, as a villain is unveiled…and a war begins!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 5.00