The Graveyard Speaks

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The Graveyard Speaks

This was a fun paranormal story that I really enjoyed. We meet Jessica Backman, a nineteen year-old ghost hunter, who seems pretty-well known in the community. She decides to take on a haunting in a cemetery that others don’t want to deal with or can’t get the spirit to pass into the next realm. I love paranormal stories that aren’t too scary so this one fit perfectly for me. It’s a short story so you can fit it into your busy schedule without a problem. I don’t want to say too much about it because I don’t want to give anything away if Jessica finally got rid of the ghost or not. Trust me, it’s definitely worth your time if you’re in the market for a fun paranormal story.

Jessica Backman decides to take on a case in which she’s told there is a terrifying, moaning apparition that seems to be lingering around the Spooner gravestone at one of the local cemeteries. The haunting is so bad that even the caretakers won’t go near this gravestone. Since Jessica seems to have a special knack of helping the more troubled spirits pass over to the otherworld, she decides to take on this haunting to finally end the torment this apparition is experiencing. Does Jessica succeed in helping this ghost to pass over to the other side?

Book Blurb for The Graveyard Speaks

Some secrets can’t stay buried.

Deep in a dark, snow-covered cemetery, a terrifying, moaning apparition rises from the same grave night after night. Even the most hardened caretakers won’t go near the Spooner gravestone on their midnight rounds. Only one ghost hunter has the will to face the unknown, but at what price? In the chilling blackness, only Jessica Backman is prepared to answer the spectral cry from beyond when the graveyard speaks.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00