The Evolving Soul

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The Evolving Soul

Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration

In this book, Dr. Linda Backman explains to her readers about reincarnation and how her patients have benefited from learning about their past lives. She explains how if you’re having issues in your current life, more than likely it’s because of something that has gone unfinished in a past life. She goes in depth about certain sessions she’s had with people and how much they’ve learned from their sessions with her.

Although this topic is extremely interesting to me, for some reason I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I was hoping I would. I grew tired of reading about her case studies and how each person learned something based on their individual situations. I’ve read reincarnation books in the past and I’ve connected with those books without any problems. On a personal scale, I just felt that I didn’t connect well with this book, but I don’t want readers to think it isn’t worth picking up. If you are a reincarnation believer, it’s worth reading to see if you can take some knowledge away from it. As in every book a reader reads, not all fit like a glove and this one just didn’t fit what I was looking or hoping for at this time.

Book Blurb for The Evolving Soul

Life continues after death. There is purpose to the struggles we face throughout this lifetime. Using information amassed from hundreds of hypnotic regression clients, The Evolving Soul shows why people often struggle in key areas of life, such as health and relationships. Dr. Linda Backman guides readers who are caught up in fear, regret, and confusion to understand that while it is important to realize and work with our life's lessons, accessing and releasing particular past life experiences is the most important step in achieving physical and spiritual healing.

Providing examples from people who have realized accelerated soul growth, The Evolving Soul also includes questions and prompts at the end of each chapter, designed to help the reader access her own soul and the lessons it provides.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50