The Dead Speak

This was a very entertaining and fun read for me. I loved how the author wrote the storyline around the paranormal and put a different twist on it. I found it intriguing that Riley Yates was using a voice recorder with a built in microphone in hopes that he’d catch some disembodied voices from a local cemetery he visited. I’m a huge paranormal fan and having this fresh and unique storyline made me devour the story even faster. I kept hoping that Riley would pick up a few voices and be able to actually connect with someone who was deceased. If you’re looking for a fun, light paranormal story to entertain you for a bit, this is the perfect choice to look into.

While working at a local law firm as a paralegal, Riley Yates has the opportunity to hear firsthand accounts of one of the client’s experiences working with Electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental Trans Communication. Riley is so intrigued by what he hears he decides to try it out for himself. Fearing that his fiancée, family and fellow co-workers will think he’s crazy, he doesn’t immediately tell them what his new hobby is. But once he tells his fiancée, things don’t go as planned. Will Riley be able to hear someone from the otherworld talking to him? What happens when he tells his fiancée?

Book Blurb for The Dead Speak

The dead tell no tales.

EVT/IT was something Riley discovered at the local law firm where he works as a paralegal by listening in on one of the customer's graphic description of how he practiced Electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental Trans Communication. The phenomenon of recording messages by placing a digital recorder on the slabs at the cemetery intrigued Riley so he had to try it for himself. Once he begins, the practice takes over his life. Will Riley receive any messages from the other side? If so, how will he deal with his unearthly find?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50