The Cozy Place

Within the past three years it seems that Mary has had a streak of extremely bad luck. Every time she becomes intimate with someone, they soon meet their unlucky fate and die. Mary is at such a point in her life right now that she feels it might be in her best interest not to get romantically involved with anyone just to spare another person’s life. Even though she knows her streak of bad luck is constantly hovering over her, she continues to get involved with people even though she fears that more than likely that person will meet their own demise. Why does everyone that Mary gets romantically involved with ultimately end up dying? Is there a murderer on the loose?

I thought this story contained a good storyline. As I was turning the pages, I was constantly guessing at why everyone who dated Mary ended up dying brutal deaths. I continually jumped back and forth at whom I thought could have been the culprit, but Mr. Zimmer did an excellent job at keeping his readers guessing until the very end. The one thing that I do want to mention, that I found a bit awkward for my own taste, was how the story was actually written. There seemed to be plenty of telling of the story not showing what the characters were actually doing. Honestly, I felt it went completely against everything a writer is taught in “show the story, don’t tell it.” One aspect that I did enjoy was the sense of mystery and suspense that was wrapped around the whole storyline. Overall, this was a good story that helped me pass the time.

Book Blurb for The Cozy Place

During the last three years there have been three mysterious deaths all linked to Mary’s romances. Her first lover allegedly committed suicide, her next lover was murdered, and every man she has a sexual relationship with thereafter meets a gruesome end shortly after the relationship is consummated. Hoping to prevent the deaths of future lovers, Mary seeks the help of a psychiatrist, who concludes that the common denominator is Mary. A police investigation includes Mary as a suspect, but the detective investigating the deaths develops many theories about who the murderer might be. He also falls deeply in love with Mary and she with him. A chilling end ensues, where the unlikely killer is finally revealed, in this psychological drama that involves mystery, suspense, and sensual romance.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50