The Christmas He Loved Her

Bad Boys of Crystal Lake

I fell in love with the quaint little town of Crystal Lake and its residence. We get to know ex-military man Jake Edwards and we learn that he’s always had feelings for beautiful Raine. The unfortunate thing about her is that she’s his deceased brother’s widow. But when Jack starts seeing a girl that’s bad news and all wrong for him, Raine decides to take matters into her own hands.

I have to say that I loved the sexual tension I felt flowing between these two characters. The storyline and the characters were so realistic and believable that I felt I knew Jake and Raine firsthand. Oddly enough, even though she was married to his brother, who was now deceased, I wanted Jake and Raine to work their feelings out for each to her. Though I knew this wouldn’t be an easy feat for either one of them. Overall, this was an enjoyable story and I’m glad I was given the opportunity to review it.

Jake Edwards shouldn’t be having feelings for his deceased brother’s wife, but he is. He’s always had them too. As they spend more time together, they don’t want to admit it to themselves, but they both realize their feelings go way beyond what they should be feeling for each other in the first place. Since they both deeply care for each other, what do they decide to do about their feelings for one another?

Book Blurb for The Christmas He Loved Her

His best gift this holiday is her.

In the small town of Crystal Lake, Christmas is a time for sledding, hot chocolate, and cozying up to the fire. For Jake Edwards, it shouldn't be a time to give in to the feelings he's always had for Raine--especially since she's his brother's widow.

No one annoys Raine quite like her brother-in-law does. But when Jake brings home a tall blond thing from the city who's bad news, Raine needs to stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life. Does Raine want this woman to leave Crystal Lake because she's all wrong for Jake? Or is it because she wants him for herself...?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50