The Chase is On

Kayla Morgan wants nothing more than to have a baby. Unfortunately, she sees her hopes and dreams passing her by at this point in her life. Coming out of a messy divorce, she knows that she doesn't want to rush into another marriage anytime soon, as not to repeat any mistakes from her past. It seems the only other reasonable answer to her getting pregnant is artificial insemination.

She's fine with the fact that it won't be the conventional way to have a baby, but she'll do whatever it takes to fulfill her dream. But then Kayla comes up with the perfect idea. Instead of being inseminated by just any male donor, she wants her best friend, Chase McBride, to be the baby's genetic father. Now, if only she can think of a way to convince Chase to help her out, then she'll be on top of the world.

Chase just can't believe what Kayla just blurted out to him. She wants him to be a sperm donor to her baby. There's a bit of a problem though. She wants him to donate at the clinic, but he thinks that's too impersonal since they've known each other for years. He'll try anything to convince her to do it the old fashioned way and in the process he'll now have the opportunity to tell her that he's been in love with her for years.

Does Chase decide to be the donor and if so does he convince Kayla that they should sleep together? Does Kayla ever find out Chase's true feelings for her?

I found this to be an enjoyable story that made me feel bad for Kayla that she'd gotten such a raw deal not only from her ex-husband, but also from her family too. Her family blamed her for causing her divorce and somehow Kayla found it within herself to ignore all her family's drama and accusations and she continued on with her dream of wanting a baby by herself. I have to honestly admit that at times I found Kayla a bit immature regarding her actions and comments. When this happened, I found myself frustrated with her and the story because I felt her immature thoughts were more of a distraction to the storyline. I loved Chase though and hoped that he was finally given the chance to tell Kayla just how he really felt for her after all these years. Overall, this book is worth a read.

Book Blurb for The Chase is On

Midwife Kayla Morgan decides to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. However, there is a slight snag. She is newly divorced and has no desire to take the marriage path again. What’s a gal to do? Why, ask her childhood friend, Chase McBride, to help her, of course. No intimacy, no strings, and with today’s technology the former Wall Street tycoon can be vacationing in Maui when she conceives. It sounds simple, except for one small detail. Chase, who has harbored a secret love for Kayla for years, sees an opportunity he can’t pass up. If there was ever a way to get Kayla to see him as a man and not the boy she grew up with, this is it. He just hopes he doesn’t wind up losing her in the process.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.25