Talking Sense

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Talking Sense

Sensual Healing, Book 3

I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters were fun to get to know. In this story, we are told of how Mia Nicholls, after a serious car accident she was involved in, is still dealing with the physical and emotional issues well after the accident. To add to her burden, since she killed a child in the accident, she is suffering the mental anguish on top of her physical issues that were caused by the car accident. She’s in constant pain and although all her friends want to help heal her, she feels she’s unworthy of any pain relief because she took a poor, innocent child’s life away from his family. When Colm, a sweet gentleman from work, attempts to get closer to her, she at first is reluctant because she feels she’s unworthy of feeling anything good in her life. With some cajoling by Colm, they begin on a journey together that help them deal with their own individual issues while being there emotionally for each other. There was something about Colm that I found sexy and I was so glad that Mia allowed him into her world, no matter how reluctant she was about allowing herself to “feel” anything again besides grief and pain. She was torturing herself because she took a child’s life, but it was an accident and she needed to learn to move on. I felt that Colm was the perfect person to help Mia along her journey. I’m new to Ms. Woods writing, but after reading this I’d be very interested in reading more from her in the near future.

Mia Nicholls is still suffering physically and emotional after the car accident she caused. She just can’t seem to get past the fact that she took an innocent child’s life. So she feels that the pain and suffering she’s feeling from her injures are a small payment for the child’s life she took. Her friends want to help her out, but Mia is too stubborn to let anyone even try to help her through this. She feels she needs to travel this lonely road alone and suffer the grief along the way. That is until her co-worker, Colm, takes the step closer to her and chisels at her emotional walls that she’s built up around her. Little by little, she allows him into her life and they begin travelling an emotional road together working through their own individual issues. Does a relationship form between Mia and Colm along the way? Does Mia allow Colm fully into her life? Does she finally allow herself to heal the wounds that she’s been suffering from since the accident?

Book Blurb for Talking Sense

Love—and healing—can come from the most unexpected places…

Still hurting physically and emotionally after a tragic car accident, Mia Nicholls has everything but love on her mind. Until quiet, sexy Colm Molony—a man who barely registered on her romantic radar—gives her a more-than-friends birthday kiss that really rings her bell.

The minute he laid eyes on Mia, Colm knew she was trouble, which is one reason he’s kept his distance. The other is that he’ll be leaving New Zealand to go back to Ireland at summer’s end. Yet when he touches Mia’s watch, his supernatural ability to sense others’ emotions kicks in, and his instinct to soothe her private pain overrides his intention to stay away.

While away on a course together, talk leads to massage, then to a game of strip whist, culminating in a physical relationship that turns emotional faster than either expected. But when a shocking event threatens to upset Mia’s tenuous equilibrium, Colm must untangle himself from his own past before he can save her wounded heart from slipping beyond his reach.

Warning: Includes men in rugby shorts, strip whist, an unashamedly romantic hero performing heroic acts, and a touch of the Twilight Zone.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00