Taking Care of Business

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Taking Care of Business

Julie Thompson, one of the owners of Web Wit and Wonder, can’t believe that it has come down to her and her best friend having to close their business in three weeks. They just can’t seem to pull any business in with the tough economy as it is. But they will work to the bitter end trying to keep their doors open.
Going to work the past few weeks and knowing that the ending of her pride and joy business is coming to an end, Julie is more stressed and depressed than she cares to admit. But after having an encounter with a sexy elevator man while riding the elevator to her floor seems to definitely be putting a smile on her face now. She even looks forward to going into work every day just so she can run into this guy named Sam. As each day passes, their encounters step up a notch and they both are dying for more. But there’s a lot more involved with the both of them then either could ever imagine.
Sam thinks Julie is drop-dead gorgeous and wants to get to know her more intimately. One problem he sees though is she doesn’t really know who he is. More like she thinks he’s an elevator worker working there than the multi-millionaire who owns and works in the building, James Samuel Finn. But every time he tries telling her who he really is, she stops him and they move onto another topic. Now it’s growing intense between them and she’s reluctant to start anything more than a fling since her business is closing in three weeks and she’s moving back to Nebraska. But they seem so right together and maybe she can come up with finding a job working for another local company just so she can stay there and see where this goes with Sam.
Does Sam ever get the opportunity to tell Julie who he really is? If so, would she be able to handle that he withheld his identity from her? Could they try to make it work without having her leave Chicago? Can this be worth more than a fling between them?
I really enjoyed this story and felt bad for both Julie and Sam for different reasons. I felt bad for Julie because her business was failing and she really didn’t want to return to Nebraska. Now that she met Sam things seems to be taking on a new perspective for her. I felt bad for Sam that every time he tried telling Julie that she has mistaking his name and identity, she didn’t seem to want to hear him out. She was hanging on the fantasy that they started together and she was enjoying herself too much for it to end. I had hoped that if push came to shove, what they seemed to have together would help them weather through any bumps in the road that they were inevitably going to hit. I thought this contained a good storyline and interesting characters that you get to know quite intimately. Overall, I liked this story by Ms. Lyons and look forward to reading more from her soon.

Book Blurb for Taking Care of Business

It begins with some seriously sexy action in the elevator. And it doesn't stop there. Julie Thompson is living out her naughtiest fantasies...at work. Who knew she'd find a secret fling right in her own office building?

Sam Finn can't believe his good fortune. The undercover multimillionaire has been watching Julie via the security monitors...and now he has her in his arms anytime he wants! And he wants her there...a lot!

In fact, he's quickly becoming addicted to the great sex they share. Unfortunately, he's just learned that Julie's company is failing and she'll be leaving for good in three weeks.

It'll take all of Sam's business savvy to save the situation. But he'll do it--even if it means making Julie an offer she can't possibly refuse....

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 3.75