Take My Breath Away...

Harlequin Blaze #593

Gabe Wilder, owner and private security specialist of G.W. Securities, is investigating a string of thefts that oddly have the same M.O. as his father’s, who is a notorious criminal. His good friend, Nick Guthrie, is an FBI agent and discusses the evidence with Gabe because it just seems odd that the thief is modeling everything after the patterns of Raphael Wilder when he pulled off his big heists. Gabe will stop at nothing to make certain no one thinks he may be doing something crooked since he’s Raphael’s son.

Nick decides to place his newly FBI graduated daughter, Nicola, on the case hoping that she can find the thief involved. But as passion flares between her and Gabe things seem to get more complicated as time goes on.

Does the FBI ever find out who the new thief is that’s mimicking Raphael’s work? What happens between Nicola and Gabe?

I have to admit that I really felt this story just didn’t make the grade for me. I personally couldn’t get into the storyline and overall I felt that it was just an okay read at best. I was seriously disappointed with this one.

Book Blurb for Take My Breath Away...

FBI special agent Nicola Guthrie is on her first field assignment. Her job? To find security expert turned art thief Gabe Wilder. She knows this is her big break. She has to get her man.

And late one night, she does. Not to mention a whole lot more! Who knew her traitorous body would respond so strongly to Gabe's sensuous lips…his tall, strong body…her own irresistible need?

Gabe can't believe that Nicola still thinks he's the bad guy! Then again, he's almost tempted to fess up, just so he can keep tasting her incredible mouth.

Still, they have a job to do. A daring criminal is terrorizing the city's wealthiest art collectors. Gabe and Nicola quickly realize that the smartest way to catch their quarry is to join forces.

Of course, they'll have to find their way out of bed first….

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 2.50